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Sun Nov 18 2012: Holed up in Vegas

We've been holed up in Vegas, fugitive-style, for the past few days, peering out at the world through our hotel window. With rooms (subsidized by the casinos) only a few dollars more than campsites, we've Pricelined our way through 4 different places all over the strip and old Vegas, moving each day as if we were evading the law.

Vegas sunrise against the mountains

Before leaving the city, we did venture out one evening to take in the colourful lights of Sin City.

Neon landscape

Canopy of lights over Fremont Street

We strolled through the 1/2 km stretch of Fremont St while 12 million LEDs flashed hypnotic commercials overhead. The street used to be a popular place for pickpockets targeting tourists distracted by the light show above them, before the city boosted the police presence. Cops on bikes blend in with the street performers and costumed human statues, and we're barraged by a constant cacophony of music from two stages, street musicians and aerial commercials.

We weren't tempted by the casinos at all, but the Deep-Fried Twinkies caught my attention.
Wonder what they'll replace them with now that Hostess is out of business?

Every hour on the hour, the casino and store lights dim. A 10-15 minute video is played overhead, set to music.
This is the Fremont St Experience!

Watching the lights of the strip from the top of the city

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