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Mon Oct 09 2017: Rock You Like A Hurricane

Well, that last post was a bit heavy, so here's some fun motorcycle stuff that we've done in the last few months in Toronto. Because this *is* a motorcycle blog, right?

Here I am. Rock you like a Hurricane. RideDOT.com Album Art Recreation.

Being in Toronto has not been all doom and gloom. My friend Ehren, lent me his motorcycle for the summer.

Tooling around Ontario on a R1200GS Adventure. Holy cow, I thought my R1200GS was a big pig, the ADV manages to make it look like a dirtbike

For the Canada Day Long Weekend, a group of us went out for a ride.

Like any good group ride, it always starts off at a breakfast place - Buttertarts'n More just outside of Lindsay

Apparently while we've been gone, butter tarts has become quite a thing in Ontario...

Doing all the twisty road in Ontario! Cause there's only one... :p
"Alright, let's turn around and do it again!"

(l) Planning out our next destination on Google Maps (r) Canada Day stickers at Bonnechere Caves

Ride a little, stop, take pictures, joke around a little, get back on the bike and repeat. Life is good!

We are in Algonquin Park to try to find moose. Mission Accomplished!

Back on the road, BikerBuddiez!

Our friend Tarah scored some CSBK tickets for us at Mosport... er Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
(I don't care what anyone says, I'm still calling it SkyDome as well)

Two-wheeled shenanigans at Mosport

Later on in the season, our friends Will and Darlene also lent us their motos! Yay for BikerLife!

Neda is back on two, and we're headed up north again for the Thanksgiving Weekend

It's never too cold for Ice Cream in Bala

This is our destination/turnaround point: Pumpkin pie overlooking the shores of Rosseau Lake

Neda and I go for a Fall Colours ride up to Algonquin. All the red leaves had fallen out already - We missed it by a week! :(

Regrouping in Huntsville, for the long trip back home

Lovely Ontario scenery

Every motorcycle rider in Toronto has done this: Trying to beat the sunset
as you race down from cottage country down Highway 11 back to the Big Shitty

Oh yeah, and on another motorcycle-related note, Neda and I had many long discussions about our future and how I was feeling the last few months - about me not being able to cope with real life and all...

We've finally came to a decision that although she's enjoying being back in Canada, she's willing to go back out on the road with me until I get the travel bug out of my system.

Best Wife Ever!

RideDOT.com Round-The-World Trip is on again, baby!!! Stay tuned for more stories. :D :D :D

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