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Fri Sep 21 2012: Cupcakes and shoes in Vancouver

From our Cache Creek ride, we booted to our RideDOT.com Vancouver HQ, or as our friends Kevin and Manon like to call it, "home". Yes, every 6-7 weeks or so, we scurry back to K&M's couch to catch up on MotoGP, drink lots of Cherry Pepsi and eat cupcakes and sour-cream-and-onions Pringles for breakfast! It was good to park the bikes for a few days and just hang with friends.

Helga eyes the red garage with suspicion...

We did take the bikes out for a spin in the city to get new shoes. Back to Tourances, since the Heidenau K76s vibrated too much and were too noisy. Riding shots below courtesy of Kevin's GoPro!

Chatting at a stop sign - Pic by Kevin V.

Kevin sat me down and caught me up with what's been happening in the world while we were trekking in the Arctic. He showed me Gangnam Style on YouTube and told me this was probably the most important thing that's happened in the last couple of months. What... The...?

Rabbits and Goats at the BMW dealership

Crossing one of the many bridges in the Vancouver area - Pic by Kevin V.

Manon and I must shop at the same store - matching REV'IT! jackets, Schuberth C3s and Sena coms

Judy, our ex-pat friend from Toronto, showed us a good sushi restaurant then we ate decadent donuts at 49th Parallel Cafe!


The last root beer cupcake!

It was a very relaxing break, great company, lots of decadent foods, warm Vancouver weather, and we could have easily stayed till April, but we've got to get a move on before the cold weather catches up to us!

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