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Thu Apr 07 2016: Mural, Mural on the Wall

Aside from the food, the old town in Georgetown is also known for its murals, some of which are interactive. The most famous are the ones done in 2012 by Lithuanian artist Edward Zacharevic, who now resides in Penang.

A popular activity for tourists is to walk around the town to find all the murals. Or you can take a rickshaw...
This one is titled, "Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat" by ASA

The locations of all the murals are documented on the Internet, but we preferred just asking around. More interactive that way...

Not all of the murals are done by Zacharevic. This one is. Titled, "Kids on Bicycle"

"I want Pau" by WK Setor.

Pau is a steamed bun made with white, sweet dough that is stuffed with savoury meats or sweet fillings. My favorite is Pau Kaya, the kaya filling is made with coconut, eggs and pandan leaves and is also used as a spread for toast in the mornings. I got some for Neda and now she's hooked too. It's so good, no wonder these kids are reaching out for some as Neda rides away with her kaya-filled buns!

"Feed the Stray" by Kenji Chai

"Lion Dance"

"Children on the Swing" by Louis Gan. Similar style to Zacharevic's mural

Zacharevic's "Old Motorcycle" is his most famous.
It's also one of Penang's unofficial icons

Neda liked it a lot, so...

"The Real Bruce Lee Would Never Do This" by ASA (Artists for Stray Animals)

I think they should have named it, "Fists of Furry!". The organization Artists for Stray Animals painted a series of murals called 101 Lost Kittens, and this one above is one of them. They did it to raise awareness for sheltering stray animals. Even though I find the messaging a bit confusing, it seems to be a purrmanent fixture.

Some other artwork found around town

There are also lots of examples of steel rod sculptures (upper right in the collage) bent into a 2D picture, as well as minion-themed murals. Also, more from the 101 Lost Kittens art project.

"Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur" by Ernest Zacharevic

This mural is right beside the boy on the old motorcycle painting. I read that someone graffitied the dinosaur behind Zacharevic's motorcycle to make it look like the boy was fleeing the monster by bike. And then Zacharevic thought it would be funny to add the leash and the boy holding onto it as payback!

More Minion murals. Too much!

I thought the ladies inside added a nice touch to the photo

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