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Sat Jun 16 2012: Off to Quebec City!

Not too much to say about the ride to Quebec, we've done these roads tons of times, and we've decided to superslab it to see some new sights. We stopped off in Montreal to get a new rear tire fitted on my GS, something I could have done at home, but just didn't have enough time with all the preparations, had a quick grocery store lunch and then off to Quebec City, our first campsite (KOA!)

Streets were deserted during the morning ride through old Quebec City

More old city scenes from the back of a motorcycle.

I've always wanted to ride through the narrow streets of the old city, soaking up the European atmosphere. We passed through the city walls, remnants of the military presence in the 1600s and found the streets were soaked from the rains the night before. After a quick spin, the bikes were parked and we toured the rest of the town on foot, taking lots of pictures.

Owl watches over the Saint Lawrence River at Quebec City

This fiddler was very photogenic! Playing old Quebecois tunes.

Getting busier in the old city.

These cut-outs were hung above the old city streets.

Taking a break from walking around.

The Tour de Beauce runs in Quebec City today. We waited about 20 minutes for the bicycles to come running by in the old city. They were preceded by a police escort on motorcycles.

These guys were dragging their floorboards around the corners!

Waiting for the bicycles to run by

There they go! there must have been over 100 bicycles,
this was their first lap so they were bunched up coming up the hill

They would go on to do thirteen laps around the old city

We did a bit of vagabonding in the late afternoon by hiding out in the lobby of a swanky Quebec hotel, stealing their wi-fi, electric outlets and air-conditioning! We had to share it with a bachelorette party though, and at the end, we got to sign the bride's T-shirt. Sorry, no pix! :)

Posefest in Quebec City

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