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Mon Oct 07 2013: I'd catch a Granada for ya

Granada, Nicaragua is one of those pretty colonial towns in Latin America that tons of tourists flock to see. Along with Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Caye Caulker, etc. it's considered part of the "Gringo Trail" - towns and sites that have been transformed into supercentres for foreigners hoping to get a taste of Central and South America outside of the beach resorts. Unfortunately, the very act of being a tourist draw changes the local flavour, offering westernized food in the restaurants for foreign palates, increased security and infrastructure, more English being spoken on the street, and disappointingly for us, increased prices for accommodations and food across the board. :(

Made the mistake of riding through the market - heavy traffic!

Central park in Granada

We pretty much had the whole city to ourselves!

Granada is deserted during the weekdays on the off-season. The heavy rains in the afternoon deter many tourists from visiting Central America, but if you time your excursions right (meaning you are an early riser), you can get a lot of sightseeing and traveling done and not get too wet.

The main cathedral in Granada

Umbrellas serve dual-purpose, also keeping the mid-day heat at bay

Granada is tiny, everything is within walking distance

Discovered a great Moroccan restaurant where we had fried avocados. Delicious!

Even the streets are deserted! Tumbleweeds chased after this moto.

Colonial architecture painted in vivid colours

Chilling out in Parque Centrale

Hat fitting? :)

Mombacho volcano is always looming above Granada's low skyline

Granada motorcycle meet

Getting cloudy - time to head back to the hotel!

We are getting a bit travel weary again, after almost 6 weeks back wandering around Central America. We're both feeling like we need more than just a couple of days downtime. However, we've got a few appointments to keep so we're going to push on just a little bit longer.

Riding around Granada

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