Mon Aug 13 2007: Bologna & Monte Carlo

It's another 5AM start as we leave Pula to head back to Monte Carlo to check on our motorcycles. Along the way, we decide to pop by the Ducati factory in Bologna, as it would only add 50 km to our trip. We got there around noon to an empty parking lot, which didn't bode well. After parking and walking up to the gates, we ran into a few bikers milling around the entrance to the gates. I asked one of them if the factory was open, he replied sadly, no. They were closed for the month-long Italian vacation known as Ferrogosto, which translated means, "We are a nation of lazy bastards". I felt worse for the bikers I talked to: they rode all the way from the UK! At least Bologna wasn't their final destination, they were on their way to see the Czech MotoGP in Brno next weekend. That's cool!

Huge mural of Loris Capirossi on the Ducati factory. They're going to have to repaint this when he goes to Suzuki next year...

Empty factory

We drove 50 kms out of way to see this. And nothing else...

We did see them load this 1098 into a van though, there are two signatures on it, I can't quite make them out,
but it would make sense that it's Lorenzo Lanzi #57 and Troy Bayliss #21?

We arrived in Monte Carlo around 3PM and headed straight for the BMW Dealership. I was kind of hoping they would have the bikes done and we could ride out before dinner and be in Italy at least for the night. While Neda was waiting for the service advisor, I parked the car and poked around the area where they kept the bikes. I found ours in the corner and they hadn't started on them yet! So much for getting out that day. Talking to the service advisor, they said they would get to them tomorrow morning and they should be done by 11AM. I'm not holding my breath... We've got to be in Munich in a couple of days so I'll have to figure out a scenic route to get there.

We took a walk around Monte Carlo in the evening, here are some pictures:

Overlooking Monaco from the Prince's castle

It's all about the size of your yacht in Monte Carlo

"When the lights go down in the city..."

Main street, part of the F1 course

What? Just another Ferrari 612 Scaglietti... *ho hum*

The Casino

1000 hp. 'nuff said.

Monte Carlo is at it's most beautiful at night, you can see the city lights from atop the hill where the Prince of Monaco's castle is situated. We walked the Formula 1 circuit, which is actually the city's main street to the ritzy area where all the "Bvlgari" stores are, nearby the casino. In Monte Carlo, every car is either a 430 Spyder, AMG SL55 or 911 Turbo. I don't think I've ever seen as many Ferraris in one place than around the casino. A Bugatti Veyron is parked at a hotel nearby, causing all the Ferrari owners some amount of distress, as their "common-place vehicle" is overlooked by a throng of cameras clicking away at the king of all sports cars. A pretty young woman in a very expensive evening dress gracefully climbs into a 575 Maranello, the owner (of the car, I mean) drives off hurriedly, the Ferrari's exhaust note exorting an air of indignation as it leaves the oblivious Bugatti back at the hotel. Just another night in Monte Carlo...

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