Mon Jun 16 2007: Shipping from Toronto

Dropped the bikes off at the Air Transat Cargo, just outside Pearson International Airport in Toronto. They've got to be there 48 hours before shipping so they can go over the paperwork, and to inspect and crate the bikes.

Bikes in front of the cargo warehouse

Had to ride the bikes up these steep and skinny ramps, up to the loading docks. *UGH*

To prep the bikes, we had to drain the gas tanks (note to self, use a bigger straw next time), unhook and tape over the battery terminals, and because my bike was too tall for the crate, I had to dismantle my windshield and bungie it to the seat.

Unplugging the battery, and taping up the positive terminal

We cabbed it back home but I had to drive back the day after because I forgot to sign the shipping forms. After the bikes were dropped off, it was hard going back to work for two more days, my mind was already half-way to Europe. I was in a meeting 5 hours before our flight departed. Neda took Wed off and went to the spa. Smart girl.

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