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Sat Sep 27 2014: Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the world's top motorcycle destination roads, earning it's reputation by offering up twists and turns and amazing sea-side scenery. Situated just east of Napoli, the pretty part only covers 40 kms between Positano and Salerno, but there's much to see in such a small stretch of coastline.

Getting ready to hit the Amalfi Coast!

Worth getting up early for this! :)

We woke up bright and early because we wanted to really take our time on the Amalfi Coast, but since we were headed eastbound we had the sun in our eyes for most of the ride. The road is short enough that you could probably ride back and forth a few times in a single day, but we wanted to head further south so this was our only run.

Small towns and villages cling onto the Amalfi coastline and provide a pretty backdrop to our twisty ride

Such a scenic view from the road above looking into all the small villages in the bays below

The Amalfi Coast really lived up to its reputation. Our helmets were like bobbleheads taking in the 360 degree panorama of views around us, the coastline far below us to our right, the pretty towns that we rode through, dodging the local kamikaze scooters as they railed around the turns that they have memorized day in and day out. Neda and I both agreed that this was one of the top 5 roads that we've ever ridden in all of our travels. So glad we made it here!

Honeycomb pattern of villas and vacation rentals like kudzu on the cliffs of Amalfi

Local fruits and veggies

Thankfully we were blessed with incredible riding weather, blue sunny skies with only a few clouds lingering in the stratosphere, perfect temperature and not too much traffic on this early Saturday morning. After the last few days of rain, it would have been a shame having to ride this road in the wet.

40 kms turned into a 4-hour ride, we stopped at the side of the road to take many pictures

and when we saw the town of Amalfi, we decided to park the bikes and explore a bit

Amalfi is the main town on the Amalfi Coast, there are tons of other smaller villages that we passed through, but the opulence and the splendour of the buildings here begged us to stop and explore the place a bit more. Amalfi used to be a popular vacation spot for rich British people, perusing all the high-end stores and dining at the expensive restaurants in town. Now smelly, hobo bikers like us wander around and eat groceries from out of our topcase.

Round the Amalfi Coast with an Italian Supermodel?

Like most European beaches, Amalfi had a pebbly shore where we laid out our towels for a soak in the sun and surf

Neda said she prefers the pebbly beaches instead of the sandy ones because you don't get all dirty. Maybe it's because it's what she was used to growing up in Croatia, but to me, my childhood memories were of chasing tiny crabs as they popped up out of the sand after each wave came ashore on the beaches of Ipoh in Malaysia. To me, a beach has to have sand!

That, and pebbly beaches also leave weird pock-marks on your butt when you get up! Or maybe that's all the pasta I've been eating...

An octopus washed up on shore to become someone lucky sunbather's take-home dinner

Waving goodbye to Amalfi beach. Back on the road!

Pictures and words don't really do the ride around the Amalfi Coast justice, so here's a video instead

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