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Sun Jan 27 2013: Biker Boyz in Tres Marias

I love sportbikes. We sold our sportbikes before we left on our trip, but we both miss them dearly. I used to take a lot of weekdays off with a couple of buddies to ride the twisty roads a couple of hours north of Toronto.

When Garry took us for a weekend ride, about 45 minutes south of Mexico City, we were all of a sudden surrounded with supersports! They were ripping up the curves on the way to Cuernavaca and the town in between, Tres Marias, looked like a scene out of Biker Boyz! Hundreds of motorcycles lined both sides of the main road, and tons of bikers are walking around in full leathers, to see and be seen.

Riding the twisties south of Mexico City

Every weekend, Tres Marias becomes a full-on biker town

On-lookers line the main street watching impromptu stunt shows

Neda asked Garry what happens if the cops show up. He replies, "Well, they close down the street to other traffic until the stunt show is over". Now *THAT'S* the way it's done!

Endo in the streets

Helmet convention in one of the restaurants

I decide to give sesos (brains) another chance... this time in Gordita-format...
Jury is still out...

Aprilia Pegaso and Harley V-ROD! Some non-sportbikes!

A couple of familiar faces in the crowd...

Newer R12GS and Ducati Panigale S. Such a sweet-looking sportbike!

R1200S and CBR1000RR Repsol

Matching bike and leathers

Hands up!

Lots of people were very curious about where we were from and where we were going.
This family saw that we were from Canada and wanted to get our picture with them!

Yamaha Tenere. This is a big bike and the guy riding it was even bigger!

A couple of RossiHeads

What time is it? 12 o'clock baby!

This kid needs a new sweatshirt for this season... or he can dust off his old one from 2008...

Mexico City is not what I expected. Sure, there are tons of people and cars on the road, and the hillsides of the sprawling city are slathered with houses and buildings, like a fungus spreading over the land. But life here is pretty much the same as any large city. We went out for pizza and sushi with Garry and Ivonne, and we were treated to "the world's best tacos" just 15 minutes away from the Garry Hostel! :)

South Side Motorcycle Club listens attentively. Actually, they are trying to figure out what the heck I'm saying...

The night before we left Mexico City, Garry asked me to do a presentation to his local motorcycle club. The only catch was, it had to be En Espanol! This was my first ever presentation in Spanish! In reality, it was only 10% Espanol, 40% Espanglish and 50% Charades... :)

Ivonne bids us farewell

We spent a whole week with Garry and Ivonne and really got to know them well. They are such a generous couple, opening up their home to us and we stayed an extra few days at their urging, "Oh you can't leave on Monday, the traffic will be horrible!", "You can't leave on Tuesday, I told my motorcycle club you are coming in to do a presentation"... :)

I think a lot of motorcyclists are afraid of riding into such a large city, but with Garry and Ivonne's invitation, we were glad we ventured into Mexico City, they are amazing ambassadors for their home town!

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