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Tue May 17 2016: Game of Thrones: When Dragons Attack!

We are continuing our dawdle along the Adriatic coast. Our mileage for the day is less than 100 kms. If we moved any slower, we'd be heading towards Istria!

When we packed our bags onto the bikes, Neda noticed the neighbourhood cats in Sibenik had left her a little present. Apparently they didn't like the cat pee smell on Neda's seat from Medulin and decided to add their spray in a territorial one-upmanship (one-catmanship?) Neda was not impressed.

They didn't pee on my bike. :) Everytime I approach Neda on her bike, I sniff really loudly and scrunch my nose. Neda gives me the evil eye in return.

Glad to be leaving the cats of Sibenik behind

It's a short coastal ride to Trogir, a beautiful port town. We're now in the heart of Dalmatia and Neda tells me that the people here speak very differently from Istrians. She tells me that whenever Dalmatian people talk, they sound very happy. In Croatian, the word for "beautiful" is "lijepa" (lee-YEA-pah). In Dalmatian, they pronounce it LEE-pah, so it always sounds like they are smiling when they talk.

The weather in Dalmatia is LEE-pah!

Neda knows her country so well. She's timed our ride down the Adriatic coast perfectly with regards to the weather. Our sunny streak remains unbroken. This is soo unusual. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop - like a freak hurricane will touch down on us tomorrow or something...

The name of this castle is Kamerlengo Castle

I love that word. Kamerlengo. I love the way it feels on my tongue when I say it. I've loved it ever since I read it in that Dan Brown novel: Angels and Demons. I love the fact that Ewan McGregor plays the camerlengo in the movie. Kamerlengo. :)

Inside Kamerlengo Castle. Kamerlengo.

The view of Trogir from the top of Kamerlengo Castle.

Are you reading Angels and Demons? Spoiler: The camerlengo has a bomb!

They should rename Trogir Harbour to Kamerlengo Harbour

We walk around town and everytime I see "Kamerlengo" on a sign, we laugh like little kids. By "we", I mean "me"... Kamerlengo.

Central Square in Trogir, Cathedral of St. Lawrence (Katedrala Sv. Lovre) in the background.

The Clock Tower is a famous feature in Trogir

The old city is on an island, this the bridge that connects it to the mainland

Just outside of Split, is a very special fortress

We're both huge Game of Thrones fans and the Fortress of Klis is where they filmed the exterior shots of Meereen, where Danaerys freed the slaves and kept her dragons in the dungeon. Very cool!

From the outside, the fortress is not very imposing. It doesn't look like Meereen at all!

You can almost imagine dragons flying over the valley below and the Adriatic shoreline.

It's obvious Neda is not a Targaryen, unlike Dani, Jon and Tyrion...

In one of the buildings, there are stills of the Fortress of Klis from the Game of Thrones

You can see in the picture that Neda is holding how they've CGed more buildings to make up the city of Meereen. I think they mainly used the fortress for the ramparts, as they played a big role in the Crucifixion of the Great Masters as well as the long line of people waiting to see Daenerys.

Peering over the edge, looking for dragons

We walked all over the fortress whistling the Game of Thrones theme song

If you don't watch the Game of Thrones, the best part of the fortress are the views from the top

Village just below the fortress

More breathtaking views

Inside, these slots were used by archers to defend the fortress

We want more Game of Thrones!

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