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Sun Nov 16 2014: Last Days in Croatia

We haven't been doing a lot of moving the last couple of weeks, mainly recovering from our Italian vacation. We both agree that our pace through Italy was good - not too fast, but enough time to see all the things we wanted to see. There is such a thing as moving too slow, even for us. We had eased up to such a crawl in South America that we felt a heavy sense of lethargy every day, like it was a struggle to break the inertia of our snail's pace. I think in our future travels we'll be more alert to this.

Neda's mom's affairs are almost wrapped up so we'll be saying goodbye to Pula soon. In the meantime, here's a quick update of what we've been doing (not too much):

As promised, we rode our motorcycles 400m down the street to pose in downtown Pula

Unfortunately, tourist season has long since passed and there was nobody to ogle our motorcycles... :(

I can't believe how empty Pula is in the off-season. A lot of residents here lament the fact that the entire region tries to make all of their annual revenue through tourism within the 2-3 month window of summer. Prices tend to stay high the rest of the year, making it expensive for the people that actually live here. There's always talk of how to bring tourists here all year round, but so far nothing has come about.

Having lived here for a few months now, I kinda feel a kinship with the Puljankans.

We did another presentation. And it was huge!

Iva's friend, Goran, heard about our trip and organized for us to do a presentation at a local bar. It didn't sound very big, but that evening, so many people came out to see us. We were very surprised! It was standing room only! Even some members of the Croatian motorcycle forum that Neda posts in came out to see us. Goran got the bar to hang up some of our favorite pictures from the trip on the wall, you can see them in the background above.

Watching our rock-star friend Tatiana perform one evening.
She lent me her guitar while we were staying in Pula! Hvala!

Pizza with Iva!

We've been eating so much since coming to Europe. I have a bit of an eating disorder now: First I have disorder of fries, then I have disorder of spaghetti, and then disorder of pizza...

I've discovered the secret to hiding double-chins in pictures. Take your selfie from above!

Neda's sister came to Pula to help out

Neda spending some quality time with her niece on the shores of Verudela

Queen of the World!

Neda has spent the last couple of weeks trying to wrap things up here and I think the stress is affecting her. She's experiencing frequent gastrointestinal problems and I'm not convinced it's the food because we're basically eating the same meals together. In addition, the weather has turned very dark and rainy in Pula. Although snow doesn't accumulate too much in Pula, it's still a reminder that we need to be on the move soon.

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