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Thu Feb 20 2014: Many Zealous Churches

No, the map isn't wrong. We're headed north again... And back to the city as well. :( We're less than 200 kms away from Medellin. Perhaps we can get our old apartment back again?

Rolling through the streets of Manizales

We're not really here to see the city, it's just a sleepover stop so we can visit some of the coffee farms in the area. But we did make it out for a walk in the centre of town and we were surprised that just like Armenia, the city was very vibrant. So this is just a quick update to show you a little bit of Manizales:

Main street is designated pedestrian-only. We rode down it. Oops...

This was the church right beside our hostel: La Iglesia La Inmaculada Concepcion. Beautiful wood detailing!

At first we couldn't understand how this guy was floating.
But after careful inspection, we figured it out: Magic.

Blogging. Old School.

The Cathedral of Manizales. At 113 meters, it's the third tallest in Latin America

Pretty stained glass windows

"I'm Batman."

Something about candles in churches makes me feel like I'm back in Medieval Times.

Staring out into the main plaza from the Cathedral. The statues, I mean.

All dressed up for her christening

Young explorer

Very bizarre statue, it's a guy with a condor head and wings for arms. And then his face is mounted below.
It's meant to symbolize man's inability to create art that can be understood by anyone.

Home-cooked spaghetti in our hostel! My favorite meal!

Of course it rains all evening. Of course...

Tomorrow: Coffee! We'll need the caffeine because it'll be an early start to beat the afternoon showers. And then after that we're going to fly us and the bikes to the Sahara Desert. So bloody sick of all this rain.

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